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Our consistent development to improve our products and our 100% commitment to state-of-the-art technology puts us on par with other global companies - now and in the future. The achievements of customers using KURAKI machine tools can be seen from the history of KURAKI Co., Ltd. In a world of “globalization” and ever-increasing competition, we feel it is our responsibility to continue supplying manufacturers around the world with our efficient 'deep cutting' machines and define our corporate slogan anew. We accept the challenge, with courage and dedication.
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  • KURAKI Co.,Ltd. Japan building exterior
    KURAKI Co.,Ltd.
    1-2-1 Jooka, Nagaoka, Niigata, 940-8603 Japan
    Phone: +81-258-35-3040

    Facsimile: +81-258-35-6249

    KURAKI Co., Ltd. is constantly integrating all the experience and technical know-how of the past 80 years into our work, which today culminates in state-of-the-art products of the highest quality and reliability to customers worldwide.

    Date of Establishment: 1949
    Capital: 954 Million Japanese Yen
    Shareholder: DMG MORI., LTD.: 80%
    DMG MORI Europe Holding GmbH: 20%

  • KURAKI SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. building exterior

    Room 301, Oriental International Plaza Tower D
    No.85 Loushan Guan Rd.
    Changning District Shanghai 200336, China

    Against the backdrop of soaring economic development in China, KURAKI SHANGHAI was established for the purpose of selling CNC horizontal boring machines and providing customer service. KURAKI was first established in the Chinese market at the Hong Kong business location in 2002 and has run a branch office in Shanghai via its Shanghai representative since December 2005. In the meantime, machines are being sold to customers all over China through representatives who act as the liason between KURAKI and China. The business offices always maintain a large inventory of spare parts while our experienced Japanese engineers quickly assist customers with service issues.

    Date of Establishment: 22th December 2005
    Capital: US$ 1,000,000.00
    Shareholder: KURAKI Co., Ltd. (100%)

  • KURAKI TAIWAN Co., Ltd. building exterior
    No.32, Houke S. Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung , 42152 Taiwan (R.O.C.)


    The sales office and production plant in Taiwan were established for the purpose of producing and selling CNC horizontal boring machines, and providing customer service mainly for the Asian market. The production was started at the Houli Science Park in Taichung, Taiwan since 2012.

    Date of Establishment: 19th November 2010
    Capital: NT$ 264,000,000
    Shareholder: KURAKI Co., Ltd.(100%)