Largest Kuraki Machines

CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machines


  • Capable of various customizations to meet your requirements.
  • Largest class Rotary Table type CNC Horizontal Boring Mills.
  • Maximum rotary table loading capacity 88,000lbs (40ton).
  • Powerful heavy-duty cutting via high-torque 3-steps geared head.
  • Standard Big-Plus dual contact system.

US Standard Specifications

    Unit Largest Machines
StrokeX axis travel (table longitudinal) Inch (mm) Up to 236.22 (6,000)
Y axis travel (spindle head vertical) Inch (mm) Up to 157.48 (4,000)
Z axis travel (column cross)Inch (mm) Up to 118.11 (3,000)
W axis travel (boring spindle axial)Inch (mm) Up to 35.43 (900)
TableTable work spaceInch (mm) Up to 78.74 x 157.48 (2,000 x 4,000)
Table maximum loading capacitylbs (kg) Up to 88,000 (40,000)