6 Axis Machining Center


  • Max. work diameter 60 inches (Table size 47”)
  • Max. work loading weight 5500 lbs.
  • Maintain Long-term high accuracy by adopting Carbide worm and worm gear
  • Reduction of cutting vibration by adopting bearing system with damping mechanism
  • Powerful hydraulic Clamp and Braking system

US Standard Specifications

    Unit KTR-1200
Dimensions Machine dimensions Inch (mm) KTR-1200 Dimensions
Machine height Inch (mm) 181.10 (4,600)
Floor space (Not incl. options) Inch (mm) 299.21 x 266.73 (7,600 x 6,755)
Machine weight (incl. NC unit) lbs (kg) 88,185 (40,000)


6 Axis Machining Center KTR-1200

Accessibility to Prevent Interference with the Work

  • Built-in Rotary Trunnion Table
  • Combination of Boring Spindle and Tilt Table increases flexibility and reduces interference
  • The Boring Spindle adds rigidity with the ability to machine deep within the part without extended cutting tools

“ONE SET UP” Reduces Total Processing Time

  • Can be machined with “ONE SET UP" by Rotary Trunnion Table
  • Significantly reduced machining time by eliminating the need for multiple setup changes
  • Simultaneous 5-axis machining incorporating table rotation (B axis) and table tilt (A axis) is possible

Simplified CNC 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining

  • Uses FANUC 31iB5 iHMI with excellent 5-axis machining function
  • Equipped with all functions required for 5-axis machining as standard
  • Fanuc Milling standard package III for Simultaneous 5 axis machining
  • Fanuc Rotation axis position measurement
  • Inclined surface programing facilitates the creation of inclined surfaces
  • High-speed control to generate smooth machining paths